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Self-cleaning glasses

Especially designed for external use, Divinal’s self-cleaning glasses have taken cleaning to a whole other level for facades, winter gardens, balconies, suspended installations and remote areas, without the use of detergents, therefore eco-friendly.

Especially coated, self-cleaning glasses keep themselves from dust and soot, remaining cleaned for longer periods. They can be vertically or steeply installed, taking advantage of rain water and UV rays which naturally add to the the maintenance for clear visibility, even in rainy days.

It can be applied monolithically, tempered, laminated or double glazing, as the self-cleaning glass is identical to the colorless glass. Its self-cleaning layer is attached to the glass, providing more conservation and so giving extended lifetime with its durability.


3210 x 2250mm

3210 x 2400mm

4 a 6mm

Always for external use, in facades,
coverings, balconies and highly polluted areas.