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Five times more resistant to thermal shocks than ordinary glass with similar thicknesses, tempered glass is considered a safety glass. In case of breakage, it fragments without making small pieces or cutting, and can be removed with greater ease and security. Because it is more resistant, it can be used in self-supporting structural applications without the need of frames. The quenching heat treatment consists of the gradual heating of the glass until it reaches the temperature of 700ºC (plastic state) to be cooled abruptly. With this treatment, tempered glass becomes more resistant to bending and can withstand temperature differences of up to 200ºC.

Divinal Vidros uses the Italian horizontal tempering system, in which glasses are transported by rollers, improving their performance for warping and better flatness. This system also allows the production of tempered glass in large plates and wide variety of thicknesses.

In São Paulo, Divinal Vidros markets tempered glasses with the Blindex® brand, manufactured under the strictest quality control and in accordance with the ABNT NBR 14698 - Safety Glasses standard. With production certified by ISO 9001: 2008, Blindex® is also a company with 60 years in the glass market and national reference in safety glasses.

Tempered glass has the ability to withstand shocks in a proportion of five times more than ordinary glass with similar thicknesses. It is a security glass, because when broken, it fragments without the formation of sharp shards. Its strength makes it possible to use in structural applications without the need for frames.

The quenching heat treatment is a gradual heating process until the temperature reaches 700ºC (plastic state), followed by abrupt cooling.

Tempered glass has greater flexural strength than ordinary glasses and can withstand temperature differences up to 200 ° C.

The Italian horizontal quenching system used by Divinal does not have tweezer marks and makes possible its production in large plates and several thicknesses without undulations nor warps.


300 x 300mm

5200 x 2600mm

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Sun protection



Shower glass, doors, windows, displays, facades,
partitions and decoration.