For more than 60 years in the glass market serving civil construction, architecture and decoration, home appliance and furniture industry. We provide high-quality products both for wholesaling and retailing.

Aware of new technologies meeting the needs in the field, we produce and trade glasses, mirrors, tempered glass, screen-printed glass, enamelled glass, shower glass doors and sliders, laminated glass with PVB, insulated glass, thermo-acoustic glass, extra-clear, tabletops, beveled and stoning, among others.

Throughout its history, Divinal has had several administrative upgrades. In october 2001, its facility in Belo Horizonte - MG was incorporated to São Paulo’s office, therefore re-established as a branch as it already was at the company’s foundation in 1953.

Divinal Vidros has two manufacturing units in São Paulo, located in the Jaguaré neighborhood where tempered, laminated and insulated glass are produced and another in Belo Horizonte. In the State of São Paulo, the company is franchised of the Blindex® brand in its tempered glass production.




Divinal Vidros was founded in 1953 in São Paulo, with the purpose of exploring the glass market for civil construction, wholesaling and retailing.

In may 1954, the branch in Belo Horizonte was opened, later becoming the company’s headquarter until 1964, date in which the facility in São Paulo was sold. The brand was kept, but operation was distinctive.

In may 1986, São Paulo’s branch was taken over by the current management, serving mainly glaziers, supplying metal sheet and a wide variety of items.

In october 2001, its facility in Belo Horizonte was incorporated to São Paulo’s office, therefore re-established as a branch as it already was back at the company’s foundation.



Focusing glass distribution, our mission is to be a dynamic company, continuously aiming excellence to our finished product, as well as offering high quality with fair prices.

Among its advantages, we are provided of a regulating stock for our clients nationwide. Currently, more than 23,000 sq ft ensure fast and immediate delivery.

As as result of the credibility recognized and given to our projects, always delivered with last generation and modern equipments, Divinal has been highlighted by different segments in the glass market awards.



With over 60 years operating in the glass market, Divinal Vidros is a 100% pure brazilian company and a groundbreaker in the segment, constantly investing in coaching and new technologies, targeting excellence and quality for its products and services.

ISO 9001:2008 certified, and quality audited by Falcão Bauer Institute regarding its tempered glass line in São Paulo state, Divinal also provides an automated online ordering service, engaging high precision and quick response from order to delivery, as well as offering a wide range of prices and special payment terms to clients and partners.



• Ongoing improvement regarding our Quality and Product Management System;

• Qualification of suppliers;

• Coaching and developing towards our associates on regular basis;

• Investment in upcoming technologies.